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About Corporate Tie Up

A service- based amenity provider like ABC Chasmewale looks to expand its horizon by tying up with the impressible Corporate. When large businesses opt for eye-camps, for instance, there is a mutual alliance leading to greater goals. Efforts with coactions bring together two organisations whereby optical health from our end is offered to corporate that feel the need to look after their work force. Likewise, some industries have an insistent need for safety eyewear that we can easily furnish. The reciprocating gain that each party retains is the larger goal that a corporate tie-up aims at. It is a mutual step whereby both benefit.

Eye Camp

Eye camps are an integral part of our industry. When you arrange for an eye camp with us, we provide you complete facilities. It includes a set team of trained executives and gifted optometric that will be onsite to take over the agreed objectives of the eye-camp. The personnel sent over will be well equipped to handle all kinds of eye related difficulties that participants can have. We promise empathetic and pleasant team members on your chosen site so that people at large can greatly benefit. From eye-checkups to attending other ocular problems, there is an assured problem solving attitude that we at ABC are known for.

Safety Eye Wear

Eyesight is indeed very precious. It is an absolute sacrilege if you risk the eyes of your workmen. Using protective goggles can protect it at all counts. ABC brings to you a range of accredited eye wear that must be used by labour that handles such threat to eyes while working. Protective eye-wear is significantly different from the regular ones. They are sturdier, conform to eye shapes well and are impact resistant. The other crucial factors that set such eye-wear apart are its durability and its weight. Such goggles are usually manufactured to be light weight so that they can easily be worn for greater number of hours.


ABC Chasmewale has taken a leap forward with its newest offering of franchisee opportunities. An excellent franchisee deal awaits you as a retailer if you have the grit and the means to associate with us. It takes vision and great business acumen to make your choices correct but when you deal with ABC Optical you are presented with a gift wrapped chance to make it big career wise. Not only do we promise a superb return on investment opportunity but we also promise to provide you with all the tech-support that you may require to fully operate an exclusive ABC store. Come and be a part of the extended family of ABC Optical.

Corporate Associations

Eyes are your assets and they need just the correct amount of care for vision clarity. The surmounting stress in jobs these days affects the eyes of everybody- from a common worker to the highest office holder in a company. ABC Chasmewale is inspired to look for a world that has solutions to every ocular problem. Hence, it invites collaborations with Corporate that can result in eye health checkups at various levels of their infrastructure. It needs no more that a single enquiry with our executives and we can model an association with your company to have fruitful engagements so that eyes never go neglected.

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