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Digital Eye Examinaiton

A digital eye examination offered by ABC Chashmewale is the most accurate assessment of the eye health. This new digital eye exam that the qualified optometrists at ABC perform uses the most innovative auto refractometers. The utility of this state of the art piece of equipment is that not only does it allow an eye sight check with full efficiency but it also does it in record time!

Features of a Digital Eye Examination at ABC.

More than often the conventional methods of eye test involved asking annoying and time consuming questions using the eye test chart. But with the revolutionary digital eye testing machine, refractory errors of patients can now be evaluated with greater precision and accuracy. Even the most subtle and progressive changes can be detected almost instantly and recorded. You simply have to sit back and listen to the guided steps of the expert optometrist and within a few minutes you will have your eye test done perfectly.

The use of modern technology in digital eye examination has now made it possible for patients and optometrists to optimize time. The eye examination procedure does not take long owing to which your trained optometrist can spend more time deliberating on your core vision needs. A thorough counselling session takes place that gives you the clarity that you may be looking for. The eye glass prescriptions are always to the mark which henceforth results in lenses that are immaculate.

Care for your Eyes- it is Important!

Eyes are indeed the most precious of all sense organs therefore optometrists at ABC prescribe a digital eye examination for every individual annually. You must give your eyes the care it needs!

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